Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Haunting Seas

He sat, peering into the darkened night,
between the seas shadows, and splashing waves of white.

Wind swirling, swiftly moving in the skies,
awaiting her safe return, as the storm rages in the distance,
tossing boats to and fro,
the keeper’s heart, torn,
a solemn tear from the quiet light in his eyes.

Many times he has led them safely home,
into the arms of families, sighs of comforted relief,
but he cannot shine the light bright enough to bring them all back to shore,
as the sea churns, crashes, the swelling waves unpredictable,
sometimes she is lost at sea,

She haunts his kind heart in his solemn quest,
as yet another night, the sail puts his mind through a test.

Watching, waiting, as some move back into port, safe in the arms of love,
surpassing the storm,
as others still sway in the distance, captains’ trying to steer clear,
as the waves blind their view, swelling high above.

He remembers such a night,
on his own ship, lost at sea,
struggling to find the light,
make it back to safety.

He searches across the water,
he searches from the lighthouse upon the shore,
his spirit, unknowingly bringing some home, in the quiet light in his eyes,
as he is lost at sea with her,
again with his love,
drifting forevermore.


  1. very well written poem, superb xx

  2. beautiful, keep writing!


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