Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Loves' Ecstasy

She whispered to him, “are you ready for me?” smiling wide eyed.
He said, “I’m not sure, maybe.” grinning.
The candle blown out,
but the passions continued to burn.
Lingering kisses upon his lips,
trailing fingers,
she makes him tremble.
Music plays,
her eyes shine,
a shadowy moon.
Bodies in rythmic motion.
His emotions overwhelming,
seeing her in a new light,
desire he can’t fight.
Her fingers intertwining,
she pulls him closer.

He whispered to her, “are you ready for me?” smiling wide eyed.
She said, “ I’m not sure, maybe” grinning.
Softly lit silhouettes their forms, embracing,
eyes focused looking deep within,
he whispers again, “ I love this state…you have me in.”
Lingering kisses upon her lips,
trailing fingers,
he makes her tremble.
Music plays,
his eyes shine,
a shadowy moon,
gravitational pull, in emotion,
he holds her heart,
in a new light.
Desire she can’t fight.
His fingers intertwining,
he pulls her closer.

Sweet sighs in passionate dance.
Loves’ ecstasy,
leaves them breathless…
loves’ intimate romance….
leaves them wanting more.
They softly whisper…


  1. absolutley adorable loved the graphic xx

  2. Thanks, glad enjoyed. The graphic was a photo I took and messed around with the colorations! =)


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