Monday, August 31, 2009

An Old Book

Dust upon the old book.
A silken ribbon marking a page,
to which handwritten words professed heart,
in calligrapher's pen,
of love,
in a forgotten age.

Each page fragile.
A leaf nearing the end of Autumn, crisp and breaking.
A tired and worn binding of soft leather,

tied to give it strength,
of love,
in the making.

Each word soft.
Emotions long held in devoted feeling.

A soul, now still holding a soul,
as each word composed in thought,
of love,
in the healing.

Such a book, of how the emotion travels,
carried through years somehow finding its way,
into another's heart,
another soul,
of love,
in the concept of present day.

Upon the shelf, the book placed,
within reach, a reference to guide,
and long after,
a soul, still holding a soul,
will pass it forth,
of love,
as the truest of loves, has never died.

A Golden Glow

A golden glow, held in hands carrying it forth with care.
A whisper through the clouds,
followed him there.

A rainbow,
resting color glowing over a shoulder,
and yet seemingly unnoticed, warmed when days could not have been colder.

A wind,
spoke of beauty forthcoming in blossoming growth,

still in the presence of a fading flower,
ironic yet not so strange.

A shadow, and a light cascading,
through crimson sky,
and yet not a question,

A golden glow,
held in hands carrying it forth with care,
and love surrounded,
handing him his heart there.

And quietly,
a golden glow,
a rainbow,
a wind,
whispering through the clouds,
in a shadow,
light cascading,
beneath a crimson sky,
smiled upon him,
and disappeared into the golden heart,
he now carried, in his own hands.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Giggle, Giggle, Laugh and Tickle

Giggle, giggle, laugh and tickle,
oh the smiles you bring,
if only I could carry a note,
in silly we sing.

Eyes closed, because you can't see me
you think I can't see you!
Juices and popsicles,
your tongue, the same color as your eyes, so blue!

Giggle, giggle, laugh and tickle,
your smiles, the head of this house.
Inspiring my art, uplifting my heart,
as you sing along with Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse.

You cover your head with a sheet,
playing peek-a-boo,
I play along with my little song,
"where is my little girl? ohhhh there, I found you!"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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