Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blogging on WordPress ~ Note

As many of you following here already know, I have stepped into the territory of also blogging on, I will however still be maintaining the work here in blogger as often as I can. I hope this can allow others who wish to follow along, an easier way to do so in connecting their own (your own blogs) as well. For me, wordpress has some added benefits that I'm interested in the use of. I still very much enjoy blogger, that is why I've decided to keep this blog going as well, though my main blog site will be focused a lot within wordpress. I'll post and repost here, and also more than likely add some work here beyond wordpress, and some in wordpress beyond here. So stick around sweet folks, lots of poetry to share in many areas! ;) ~

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Petals Pressed Between Sonnets

A collection of books, the sonnets gather,
she presses petals between each page,
trying to make them last, as they wither like leaves,
sadly fading away with age.

Life so short, passing so quickly,
yet the day can feel so long.
Blood, sweat, tears, fears,
breaking points between knowing what is right and wrong.

The sonnets her comfort,
to grant some substance within the world’s ways.
Deepened breath, she cries her tears upon the flowers,
another death, pink fading into brown, between each page,
where her heart stays.

“Why must they wither, wilt, beauty disappearing?”
but these questions answered as she watches tiny seeds floating through the air,
drifting along to another place,
where another can view, press the petals within a book, someday to share.

The days grow cold,
she sees the lines in the mirror,
silvery strands of hair, she grows old,
she watches the sun dance through clouds, sweetly gold.

Her time sadly fading away with age,
but no longer sad, as she leaves behind substance within the world‘s ways,
a collection of books, the sonnets gather together, between each page,
to be found, generations later,
where her heart stays.

A great-grandchild opens to reveal, pink petals unfading,
between sonnets that sing of life and laughter, each page something new,
beyond blood, sweat, tears, and fears,
she whispers, "I love you"

Deepened breath, she watches tiny seeds floating through the air
her spirit dancing in youthful beauty, whispers to those in heart,
in the petals pressed between sonnets,
that she will always be there.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Blog Info *Note*

I have been working along another blog, but decided, I will continue work with this blog also, because I certainly enjoy hearing from my readers here as well, and it also leaves the doors open to others to subscribe in the areas preferred.

I hope you enjoy the new look, and I will be posting another of my most recent poems shortly!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

His Oasis

A changed world, he stares into the distance,
his eyes try to focus on what once was, in memory.
He makes his way to the cliffside and leans tired against a large rock.
He’s been here many times before, when there was so much here to see.

Sweat poured down his head, blurring, stinging his eyes,
time outside along this walk, not the same, his heart cries.

A mirage shakes like a water effect,
his oasis in the burning sun.
Such love, one he could never forget,
she was the only one.

Change came slowly,
time a metamorphosis,
a chameleon in the desert sun,
he remembers their first kiss.

The sky burns orange and red,
now hearing the goodbye, he didn’t want to hear,
his heart bled.

A changed world, he stares into the distance,
his eyes try to focus on what is, and what he needs to see.
She smiles down in cool drops of rain, replenishing.
His eyes catching sight of what lies ahead,
a mirage shakes like a water effect, his oasis,
his love, she dances along in the quiet haunting tree.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I love the ways in which you move me,
in the softness of your white glow.
I love the way your fragrance lingers gently upon the air,
the essence of sensuality carried in the way you grow.

Morning dew caresses each petal,
like making love upon the sunrise.
The breeze whispers the scent in beauty,
as your petals are awakened before my eyes.

Your leaves touched in a shade of green,
as though you may not be real,
as though you could last forever,
with passionate blossoms, for the heart to feel.

I love the way you move me,
sweet gardenia romance.
Like ylang-ylang and myrrh you lift my senses,
as I touch my skin in your fragrance, my emotions dance.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Haunting Seas

He sat, peering into the darkened night,
between the seas shadows, and splashing waves of white.

Wind swirling, swiftly moving in the skies,
awaiting her safe return, as the storm rages in the distance,
tossing boats to and fro,
the keeper’s heart, torn,
a solemn tear from the quiet light in his eyes.

Many times he has led them safely home,
into the arms of families, sighs of comforted relief,
but he cannot shine the light bright enough to bring them all back to shore,
as the sea churns, crashes, the swelling waves unpredictable,
sometimes she is lost at sea,

She haunts his kind heart in his solemn quest,
as yet another night, the sail puts his mind through a test.

Watching, waiting, as some move back into port, safe in the arms of love,
surpassing the storm,
as others still sway in the distance, captains’ trying to steer clear,
as the waves blind their view, swelling high above.

He remembers such a night,
on his own ship, lost at sea,
struggling to find the light,
make it back to safety.

He searches across the water,
he searches from the lighthouse upon the shore,
his spirit, unknowingly bringing some home, in the quiet light in his eyes,
as he is lost at sea with her,
again with his love,
drifting forevermore.

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