Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I love the ways in which you move me,
in the softness of your white glow.
I love the way your fragrance lingers gently upon the air,
the essence of sensuality carried in the way you grow.

Morning dew caresses each petal,
like making love upon the sunrise.
The breeze whispers the scent in beauty,
as your petals are awakened before my eyes.

Your leaves touched in a shade of green,
as though you may not be real,
as though you could last forever,
with passionate blossoms, for the heart to feel.

I love the way you move me,
sweet gardenia romance.
Like ylang-ylang and myrrh you lift my senses,
as I touch my skin in your fragrance, my emotions dance.


  1. I like this one. it is very descriptive and passionate. -joe

  2. So very sensual and passionate...I can still smell the blossoms and feel the breeze across my skin. Very beautiful work of art...Mike


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