Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Weary Traveler

Frost settling upon the window glass,
crystallizing, as the night grew colder.
The fire crackling, warmth inside the old cabin,
as she pulled the soft cotton comforter over her shoulder.

She stared out the window as though awaiting something, someone,
that could somehow rescue her from this silent lonely, place.
She sipped from her cup the steamy hot cocoa, catching the aroma upon taste.
The flavor caressing her lips, a light smile upon her face.

Her hair still wet from the softness of a bath, fell upon her shoulders,
she arose from her chair, and removed a book from the shelf, and lit the lantern,
and began reading from the page she had marked,
a romance novel, shadowed by the flicker of light beside her, slow burn.

She whispered some of the words aloud,
as the lines of writing met upon her own heart.
She quietly closed the book and placed it upon the table beside her.
Perhaps this love of her own in her mind, could be worlds apart.

A knock came upon the door, a sense of urgency,
fast paced heartbeat, she collected herself, opening the door, cold air rushing through.
A weary traveler, an arm broken from a fall, requesting her help,
she let him in, to see what she could do.

His eyes, kind, thankful, yet so tired.
She let him rest upon the sofa, quietly watching him upon sleep,
as her eyes closed, drifting in dreams, yet again her love she would meet,
deep inside, passions stirring, her mind would keep.

He had awoken before her, tending the fire.
The smell of a freshly cooked breakfast and coffee,
smiling upon her, “I hoped you would not mind.”
His offer, she smiled back at him,
and life as she knew it, changed, and her book solemnly left for another heart to find.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tears on Love's Lake

The wind, still, and quiet upon the heart.
The cool blue lake, motionless reflection.

A tear falls, the drop quietly hits the water,
creating a circle, that shimmers outward,
in endless movement,
in tranquil connection.

Many tears in long past years,
have filled this lake so serene,
stopping to quench a thirst in the summer heat,
to reflect upon where life has taken them,
a soft cry in the night,
washing the soul clean.

Upon one horizon the sun, upon the other the moon.
The cool lake becomes a painting in scenic view.
A tear falls, the drop quietly hits the water,
creating a circle, that shimmers outward,
in endless movement,
the tranquility surrounding the heart,
reflecting back to you.

Many years, long past tears,
have filled this lake in love
A tear falls, the drop quietly hits the water,
creating a circle, that shimmers outward,
in endless movement,
in tranquil connection,
just then,
a smile,
reflecting above.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dearest Heart, Dear Soul

Dearest heart, why must you break in tides on ocean currents,
fluid transparencies of life’s lonely epiphanies,
pulled into dreams on love’s moon gravities,
on thought seas.

Dear soul, you know the answer to the ever-flowing question,
because you remain afloat to still view the sky,
to still see the stars as they shoot by,
for your dreams, as they never die.

Dearest heart, why must you cloud my vision, in rains of tears,
flooded mind of life’s future ahead of me,
pulled into dreams of what love could be,
yet eyes awash, I cannot see.

Dear soul, you know the answer as it falls upon your heart,
because those clouds will open in sunlight waking,
giving in warmth, condensation of tears, of what life may be taking,
and it will flow on, repeating, for true heart, be it true love, in the making.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Peaceful Pleasures Past

A golden field with wisps of long grasses, to and fro
the air flowing gently along in slow motion, moving.

Dandelions and the soft fluff of white drifting upward in circles,
as a dragonfly hums by.
A small cottage in the distance,
and further beyond a mountain reaching upward,
touching the gray sky........

More to this poem Please Click on Link to View the full Poetry Submission at Associated Content.

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