Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dearest Heart, Dear Soul

Dearest heart, why must you break in tides on ocean currents,
fluid transparencies of life’s lonely epiphanies,
pulled into dreams on love’s moon gravities,
on thought seas.

Dear soul, you know the answer to the ever-flowing question,
because you remain afloat to still view the sky,
to still see the stars as they shoot by,
for your dreams, as they never die.

Dearest heart, why must you cloud my vision, in rains of tears,
flooded mind of life’s future ahead of me,
pulled into dreams of what love could be,
yet eyes awash, I cannot see.

Dear soul, you know the answer as it falls upon your heart,
because those clouds will open in sunlight waking,
giving in warmth, condensation of tears, of what life may be taking,
and it will flow on, repeating, for true heart, be it true love, in the making.

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