Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dream Dance Romance

Lamp posts lined the streets in her quiet walk,
she passes a gentleman, slightly lifting his hat, nodding to say hello,
the road still wet from the passing rain, shining like glass,
her image, blurred reflection, upon the ground beneath the soft light glow.

Fog gently lifts from the shiny blackened surface,
spiraling white mist, her long dress sweeps through,
she finds a bench to sit upon,
watching the clouds still swirling, then the moon comes into view.

The sound of hooves, gently drumming, wheels spinning slow,
the carriage appears before her, a violinist beside the coachman, begins a tune of romance.
She climbs in, sitting, listening, the trotting blends in with gentle strums,
laying her head back, closing her eyes, dreaming, he takes her hand, they slowly dance.

His arms draped around her waist, her head upon his shoulder,
she shivers in the night air, he covers her with his coat, holds her to him tight.
She opens her eyes, street lights disappearing, the scent of flowering trees,
lids closing once again, music carrying her dreamy sight.

He removes the ribbon from her hair,
a soft pink floral replacement, his gentle eyes touch her own,
a kiss falls upon her smiling lips,
his steps, she follows his lead, he lifts her to sit upon the wall of stone.

She wakes, emerging from the carriage,
the sound of hooves, gently drumming, wheels spinning slow,
she listens to the tune, in the distance, trotting blends in with gentle strums,
a dream of lovers’ swaying beneath the moonlit glow.

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