Saturday, May 15, 2010

Author Unknown

An old carved walnut box, sat collecting dust in a corner.
Her many words, desires, dreams, passion and love.
She passed by it, many times, without ever stopping to read the words she wrote.
She held them there in thought, recanting imagery in what they were made of.

She picks up a book, “Author Unknown”, and begins to read,
like reading her own thoughts, vivid detail coming into view.
So much parallel to her own dreams, desires, passion,
like a plagiarism of her heart….yet no one ever knew.

Kept tucked away, for many years, with others piling up as time passed by.
She shared many, but not the ones in the old carved walnut box,
they were for her eyes only,
the parts that kept her shadowed in mystery.

This writer, “Author Unknown”
words stepped into her memory,
pulling out visions, emotions felt so deep,
written and rewritten,
pieces of her life she wanted to keep.

Words not exact, but familiarity so strong,
she stares at the box, sitting for so long.
Maybe just maybe, it is time now to share.
Warm light pours through her window,
a whisper and a soft touch,
as though someone was there.

An old carved walnut box,
covered in dust,
a book, “Author Unknown”
she opens up, within herself, trust.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this writing about the "old carved walnut box" and its content's journey from mystery to sharing. I was compelled to read it over and over, as most people...have a similar box of "intimate and secret" items that are meaningful and are periodically visited and reviewed. Thank you so much for sharing this work as I will be reading it again.

  2. Very much appreciate your feedback. I regard this writing as one compelling even to me as the author of. Others' sometimes can really touch base and effect in an unusual manner, that has one wondering....HOW?
    So I'm opening up a bit of the box of old writings etc., in doing so I also feel compelled to reveal more personal reasons surrounding them. ~ I am so glad you enjoyed this work so much, and your commentary really is another reward in itself...a strength to push the writing ahead! ~April

  3. Oh April I love it - believe it or not I have an 'old box' but mine is cedar. It holds memories from as far back as 9 years old... beautiful dear, I love it and thank you so much for the special mention on your blog. Not sure what I did to deserve it but greatly appreciated.

  4. Thank you kind dear...your "thank you is on my second blog...did you see it there??? ;)

  5. a small token xx

  6. Thank you so much William, so pretty a graphic and SPARKLES sweet!!!! Brought such a smile!


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