Thursday, November 12, 2009

Magnetic Emotion

Pulled in between the positive and negative energies,
as the soul struggles to connect,
emotionally charged by the forces in a driven heart,
dreams, hopes, happiness, desires, faith, passion, loves,

the words, a magnet,
where all have met,
and in between,
the negative still seen,
yet the balance of what is to be,
all held in each energy.

The pull far stronger, far greater, of positive force,
to deflect the negative back upon itself,
and hold tightly, closer, to the more caring source.

Life, creating changes,
to bear witness to,
enduring pain,
heartaches, and it takes and it takes,
until the magnet turns,
the hearts force beating,
louder, stronger,
emotionally charged,
pushing the negative away,
the forces in a driven heart finding their way
pulled once again, turning toward the positive,
back to the dreams, the hopes, happiness, desires, faith, passion and loves,
where the words still remain,
emotionally charged, they still remain.

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