Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beneath the Same Moon

Beneath purple skies lit with the moon,
she walks in with the river flow.
He stands in the distance,
beneath the same moon glow.

maybe…but no…
her thought protests the notion.
Her future stands in the presence,
as she heals her heart…
defying emotion.

She blends into the trees,
hair wisps into the leaves…
her child, flowers in hand.
Golden hearts…golden hair.
Still…whispers…love she believes.

She pretends she can’t hear the whispers,
passing through the air,
in the night…
she turns to see him still standing there,
her heart flutters,
but…she disappears from sight.

maybe…but no…could it be?…
her thoughts…love…
she stands in the present…
beneath the same moon as he…


  1. Love the poem and the painting(!) it all works wonderfuly well, The colours are gorgous.
    The water flows as does the girls hair.
    The poem and and painting merge into oneness

  2. A very beautiful painting that goes perfectly with the poem. An exquisite and passionate poem you've written. Excellent!

  3. The beauty of the painting is intensified by the poetry that follows. Perfect!

  4. The painting is lovely, love the depth. The poem is exceptional. I feel the air and breath of the moment. You placed me there. The child in front of her could also be the child within her, that is full of joy and love, so pure.


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