Friday, November 27, 2009

Seasons of Life

A wonderful collaboration with a twitter friend Chris Bellinger, artist/writer emerged on Nov. 8, 2009, I was searching my art from years gone by to post with it, as I have not done much currently. Old illustration was done in 1995, entitled "Vivid Dreams" ~ I named this poetic collaboration Seasons of Life.

April: Deep blue skies/clouds passing waves along the seas/gravitating toward moon/ Hazel eyes flickering lights taking in shadowed gray trees

The waves flow through the sky, as the wind sings its song, the owl dances though the darkness, in the currents carried along
The river stretches far into the distance, a painting in infinite tone, connecting to the horizon amongst many trees it does not stand alone

Chris Bellinger: for the river is connected with the landscape it travels through, the hills that may stand in its way, it has to go round

April: holding hands with the sky the trees touch gracefully with, reaching, ever reaching, breathing in, the quiet wind's sound

Chris: Leaves gently rustle in the wind a hint on the air of autumn changes, the yearly cycle moves on. Then one falls to the ground gathering pace
as more join leaving a sleton branch the first of many to appear over the hours

April: the painting of thoughts words began in the brush of night, it continues restless without the concept: tired, fading into light never gone,
the colors blanket the land in graceful gentle hand, knowing ever knowing more will return to the branch in new life, season will replace.

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  1. The artwork selected goes with the poem very well and I am honoured to have contributed to your creative journey


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