Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Silk Heart

Vulnerability, undoubtedly the heart,
as she has worn thin, as the fabric upon her silken shirt, threads turned loose...
torn lining,
strings pulled, a misconception,
drawn back, only to discover,
more deception,
what once was already perceived,
but held in the back of the mind,
a painful knowing, not so well received,
faded the focus, yet uncovering more to find,
the eyes, now aware, now not so blind.
Vulnerability, undoubtedly the heart,
as she has worn thin, struggling to hold together the silken threads,
the fabric of her being,
the shimmer in the gentle cloth,
still shining in her eyes,
torn lining but still seeing,
threads falling loose…
but maybe freeing.
Vulnerability, undoubtedly,
the silken heart worn thin,
but to where one thread ends,
to discover another must begin,
what once was already perceived,
now…now received,
unfading the focus, better more, within to find,
now aware, vividly aware, ready without anger, to leave it behind.


  1. you took us on quite the emotional trip with your words...i feel for her...

  2. Thank you Brian, I haven't been using blogger as much, but figured I'd skip over and add one of the newer posts, and realized I'm starting to get more comments now over here! :) Much appreciated!

  3. I agree with Brian, this was an emotional journey that touched me deeply and personally. In the end, I am encouraged by the closure and resolution. Wordsmithess, thou art gifted!

    PS I normally don't ask, but please read my latest post and Follow me @ the new place if you like the idea. Your opinion is welcome and wanted!


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