Monday, November 9, 2009

Within the Blue and Green

An old illustration, creased edges worn through time,
blues and greens make up a landscape, paper curled,
she envisions more, a peaceful place, the comforts of home, sunsets calm,
closing her eyes to step inside, drawn into another world.

Sitting at the edge of a small frog pond,
waters that have pooled in from the lake nearby.
A dragonfly dips quickly in and out quenching thirst in small ripples,
ducks in formation flying through the sky.

The sun, warm inviting a walk through the day,
to meet with the sailboat moving in,
to carry her over the calm flow,
in this illustration she moves within.

A newly paved road, yet barely traveled,
she watches the quiet from the boat, taking in visions of the beautiful day.
He guides the sail back in the direction of her home,
and she smiles happily, fingers trailing the fence in her walk along the way.

The only car to travel here, pulls up near the house,
a child runs to meet with a kiss and cuddling embrace,
with laughters of the day she’s had, not stopping for a breath,
telling all with excitement in her eyes, a smile upon mommy’s face.

Laying upon the grass, little one at her side,
watching the clouds, reciting what is seen.
Mommy sees a willow tree, her little girl sees a whale,
all within this illustration, inked in blue and green.

~An Extra Special Thanks at Mike Evans (@storylet) for his encouragement and help with the music.

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