Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cold Warmth

He screamed loudly, his voice echoing across the snowy mountains,
as tears fell from his eyes, tasting the stinging salt upon his lips,
chapped and bleeding from the cold harsh weather, for far too long.
He could still see the color of her magenta suit behind him,
blurred and nearly snowblind,
the sun, the only warmth, now setting, his sense of direction seemed wrong.
He trembled, stumbled, carried onward, tumbled,
questioning, angry, would he ever make it back to be by her side.
Feet frost-bitten in boots meant to withstand sub-zero temperatures,
the pain unbearable, though thoughts upon her, his forever bride.
He formed a tunnel in the snow bank,
somehow managed to spark a small fire from branches found,
inside he made his bed,
upon the icy white ground.
He awoke to a voice, echoing down from the mountains above,
calling, tears falling, the words of his love.
She made her way to this place he slept,
the sun melting the snow around them,
a kiss of warmth moistened his chapped lips,
forever together,
a promise kept.
The hawk screams loudly, his call echoing over the land,
tall green grasses dance, as the last of the frost disappears,
they walk together hand in hand,
this forever love, the earth hears.


  1. Stirring, powerful verse. I heard the hawk...

  2. You have an amazing talent for telling a long story in few words, then bringing on the tears. Maybe it's just me, but that was so romantic it made me go all mushy.

  3. Very moving, suspensful, and descriptive. Extremely powerful words you've crafted in this poem. Another remarkable one for your anthology.


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