Friday, October 30, 2009

The Structure

She quietly examined each room within the structure,
the first, large and vacant, with a spiralling staircase to which she'd climb.
A heavy door, she struggled to push open,
only to find a window open, pouring in cold drifts of time.

She went on to another room,
the door creaked in agony and grief,
closed for so very long,
an outpouring of relief.

The next room, locked,
but a key covered in dust upon the floor,
she kneeled, pausing, questioning why,
pushing open to reveal a room filled of beautiful d├ęcor.

Though rich of luxury, she moved on ahead,
what more could she see, the next room being dread.

Passing through the long corridor,
a large window, curtains drawn,
she opened to see storm clouds tumbling,
as she continued on.

Two doors joined,
as though hand in hand,
her heart warmed, as she opened carefully,
to a balcony touched in love, overlooking the beauty of the land.

Her eyes filled up, tears of joy,
she could see so far upon this wonderous day,
each emotion within each room,
a step to find her way.


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