Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Like Photographs From the Past

Black and white,
caught in between contrast.
She stepped ahead into the white brush of leaves,
growth from the blackened soil.
Like photographs of the past.

A wisp of color as she moved ahead,
the softness of a pink rose, reaching to touch,
upon the thorns she bled.

A tear fell,
in the sharpness of this beauty,
as she grasped it with her hands,
as she looked around at her world void of color,
upon strange illuminated lands.

Another tear fell,
a splash of blue upon a leaf below,
she kneeled down to pick it up,
green started to grow.

She walked further ahead,
the flower held gently against her breast.
Her heart warmed in this precious discovery,
her spirit in search of more,
to calm her quest.

Soft yellow began to emerge in her surroundings,
an unusual joyful glow,
Blue rain began falling, from a blue sky,
and her heart followed a cascading rainbow.

These strange lands,
began to dance in orange sunset and purple clouds stretching far,
though a sharp awakening, needed to feel,
through her eyes, into her soul, she held love,
transcending into, forever looked upon in beauty,
a softly glowing star.

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