Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Friendship Poem

Online friends on Twitter sparked this writing in me, in the beginning morning hours Oct. 28. My postings of other articles beyond poetry and of course my statements of how I felt poetic, had @kchall saying: "SEIZE the moment, jot it down!!!" Then so kindly a "hope everything is well in your land..." by @detlef_c - and thus began the birth of "A Friendship Poem" : Entitled by them as well and so agreed upon.

Yes, the lands flowing in fields of burnt umber drifts through golden fields, only
now the shimmer shadowed in the darkened lights
the breeze drifts between the darkened trees
dancing in the last of clinging autumn leaves
taking on the presence of dreamy sights
crackles in the distance a light floating, nearing ever-closer, the chill of the air
creeps through the soul,
unafraid yet a step back
but it is but only the smiling face of a friend, carrying his lantern,
emerging in warmth, a hand to guide, beside him a young foal
following, near behind to the old barn to rejoin with its mother for a rest
time stands still, ever still born into this life test
the aroma of fresh baked bread and coffee drawn into the old farmhouse...
invited to join, a seat upon the old hardwood chair
in comfort, chimney fires crackling, this gift of friendship, held in memory
for they brightened the night, of pleasantry we share.


  1. I'm a mushy old girl and that, my friend, brought tears to my eyes. How beautifully you can express the thoughts and emotions that are beyond words for me. *hugs*

    Congrats on a beautifully thought out blog! When did you have time to do this?


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