Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lava Flow

Under foot, the ground shakes, quakes,
rocks begin to tumble,

she runs, to gain ground,
trying not to stumble,
as the earth explodes,
in ash and lava flame,
in rivers of hot red anger,
and her tears fall, the ground cracks, in her name,
her heart racing wildly,
she screams out loud,
lightning strikes,
in heavy storm cloud,
she continues to run until she is out of breath,
loving much the same,
but it would not be her death.
Under foot, the ground, quiet and still,
rocks begin to cool,
she stops to think, to look upon the view,
tears began to pool,
the ground merged once again, where upon flowers grew.
The volcano became a mountain full of color in autumn leaves,
because love within her just believes.
with calmer waters flowing,
returning love much the same as hers,
somehow in the distance, a sense of knowing,
that the ground will only shake for so long, then cease,
the lightening will only strike for so long, then clouds break,
tears will only fall for so long, then dry,
kissing the storm goodbye,
love can give instead of just take,
and lava flow became a waterfall, as beautiful as true love could ever make.

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