Saturday, February 12, 2011

Forever Valentine

Enticing the temptations like fruit on the vine,
kissed like the raindrops,
the tastes of pleasure like wine,
romance drifts along the air,
for the sweetest love,
forever Valentine.

Surrendering to the heart, falling into the eyes,
trailing fingers, hands entwined,
the grasps of comfort, embraced soul sighs,
lingering, dreamy beliefs,
for this love,
bearing no disguise.

Sliding gently into arms, connections strong,
breaths merging, whispering sweet...somethings...
that hold truth and meaning to lasting long,
forever Valentine,
making right, the wrong.

Forever Valentine,
for the reality of you,
your love won't wait in line,
held true,
I'm yours,
and you

This Post is for OneStopPoetry Saturday Celebration St. Valentines Day! Spread the LOVE! 


  1. Love for Love's sake and wine and roses, indeed!
    Great one shot!

  2. such romantic beauty...wonderful.

  3. Romantic and lovely... but the red on black is REALLY hard for my old eyes to read!

  4. You darlings, thank you, just adjusted to a light pink...another year older as of tomorrow myself and yeah my eyes got a slight boggled this evening too!!! So I edited!! I might be getting rid of this dark dull background and attempt something sweeter and more vibrant...SOON!!! *Hugs all and sweet days wished! ~April

  5. This was so delicate and beautiful...

  6. So glad you changed the colors--I came by earlier and was about to DM you on twitter and say I just couldn't read your poem! My eyes are not good. But this is much much better, and I'm so glad because I wouldn't have wanted to miss lines like "...Surrendering to the heart, falling into the eyes..." A lovely, romantic and unquenchably hopeful piece. Nice work, April.

  7. Love the way the lines form the shape of the heart. Very touching.


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