Monday, August 9, 2010

Memory Tree

These are the soils to have which granted me life,
nourishment, for my roots to spread, grow,
provide the same back to you,
as it is spoken in the same manner upon your ears, as the wind may blow.
Though you may not hear, so clear,
if you turn upon deafened ear.

These are the skies to which have given me bounty,
sweetly shining upon my soul, for me to reach high,
and to breathe life into you,
the very same breaths to which you speak echoing around me.

The same placement repeated for centuries,
as I stand absorbing each memory, and slowly slip into history.
And I but a symbol, as the pendants worn round your neck,
some changed, replaced, perhaps so very worn, interest lost,
yet some, hold it close upon their chest, in tight conviction,
value in the heart too high, could not set aside at any cost.

And I, I fill with laughter filtering in,
as your memories chase shadows in the sun,
long remembered, lost branches crackling,
found in your hiding place, brothers and sisters having fun.

And I smile, at the loves’ beside me,
beneath the flutters of me and the sky,
the weddings, thrown bouquets, caught in the colorful leaves,
but I cry, I cry, as years go by, and the same smiling eyes now show hurt,
sitting before me, reflecting, and I wonder how, the why.

And I, I am nothing more than a tree,
to breathe in, something held of sweetness left in me, still for you,
to grasp within your heart, as your hands trace the pendant, worn close upon your chest,
as I remember, remember you, still with love in your eyes,
even still, as I am, cast within your memory.

And I, as I stand upon these soils to which have granted me life,
nourishment, for my roots to spread, grow,
sometimes I am forgotten amidst this forest,
but I am not alone, I know,
hear me, as it is spoken, in the same manner upon your ears, as the wind may blow.

Listen closely….
perhaps you may see, feel, hear,
more clear…some happier times, from this history,
if you do not turn upon deafened ear,
from deep within, listen, breathe in, my life, of heartfelt memory.


  1. that was beautiful, the imagery second to none ;)

  2. Thank you so very much William, so glad to see that kind follower face back here!!! :) Happy you have hung on this long upon my certainly means a lot, especially as I've not posted much here lately. I do have some images available for use posted on my wordpress blog (done for OneShoot Sunday) would love to see them worked with, they can be quite difficult to work with, this one here is one of my favorites, glad you liked...following your blog now as well dear sir! :) Thank you very very much! ~ April

  3. Rich and eloquent!! I love the flow of this poignant work of word art from beginning to end.

    "And I, I am nothing more than a tree," oh, yes, this line, sublime!

    If only all would believe in our interconnected roots.

  4. Thank you so very much. So many ways to view this as well. :) I am sort of a tree, sometimes lost a bit to the forest, but what I'm attempting to stand for is getting through/past/beyond certain situations in my own real position in life, hoping maybe something in it will carry it forward enough to even help another on the struggling journey. We all know, have been through many things, sometimes at points undoubtedly feeling like giving up. I still have my days, and I'm sure that journey is rather unending (because each day changes)but to pull something in, that is beautiful, happy, loving, is so important to keep doing no matter what. I'm not the only one to attempt to project it, not the first, not the last....a forest of the many. :) Your comments are very appreciated! ~April

  5. that was brilliant...skimming through each line felt like it was running a silent yet very meaningful movie...i really enjoyed sorry i dont know the words to describe your poem exactly but i understand what youre saying to those who listen :)

  6. This is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful writings I've come across since coming online. This speaks to places within me..
    I cannot put my finger on it, but it is pure experience..thank you

  7. Gorgeous words and photo. There is strength but also a hint of sadness.

  8. beautiful poem. I like your comparison with a tree

    thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a heartwarming comment :)


  9. Beautiful poem. I sensed your soul in it, and it spoke to mine. Lovely.

    Thanks so much for visiting my site.


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