Monday, March 15, 2010

Out In the Sun, Beneath the Moon

One step at a time,
a little give and a little take,
without taking it all away,
a better day to make.

Out in the sun,
he held her hand,
such a simple demand.

One step at time,
each day another view,
in hopes of sunrises, beautiful sunsets,
you loving me, and I, loving you.

Beneath the moon,
he drew her near,
such a night as thoughts, becoming clear.


  1. OMG..April..beautiful poems..on this page. I'll have to save this page and try to stay updated.
    I can't wait to fall in love and try some again on my own..I'll send them to you if I ever get brave enough again...
    You are so beautifully expressive and all your poems can be felt..Rock on girl! Terry

  2. u are certianly a fantastic writer friend, and the images u choose match perfectly, thanks for joining my poetry blog, naturally I have retrned the favour :)

  3. Had to come back and read it again. I really like the give and take of love that you so beautifully express in this poem

    Moon hugs and thanks for coming to my site


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