Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Maine Memories

The sidewalks lined with red brick and wrought iron light posts,tables outside, people enjoying the cuisine, maybe a couple, sipping fine wine.
A trolley car takes me to the next destination, the Ogunquit Museum of Fine Art, in Maine,

inside lights surround framed paintings, and sculptures outside complete the landscape design.

A path along the oceanside stretches at least a mile,
through the brush, looking out over the rocky cliffs, below, a sandy beach,
soon I will be carried out over the open sea,
to view a lighthouse standing tall in the distance, illuminating my vision in its reach.

The summer air is rather cool, I slip on a sweatshirt for warmth.
Mist drifts in with breezes, a salty yet sweet kiss upon my face,
time carries on over waves in slow dance,
as the boat brings me back to the shores of this memorable place.

A hearty meal awaits, sitting at the harbor,
I take photographs in case one day my memory should fail.
It has been over ten years now, still smiling as I close my eyes,
remembering the two whales side by side, a goodbye from each with a wave of their tail.

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  1. This definitely is a perfect description of Maine. My aunt, uncle, and cousin live there. A long time ago I lived in Maine for a few months. Glad you took in my words to write something that makse you happy!


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